Find Your Target Audience on Facebook. Fast.

Find your perfect audience on Facebook

Stop wasting time with figuring out which custom audience to target for your app or product. With our precision targeting technology, we help you find your best target audience. Fast.

Find your target audience faster

Increase app Installs from quality leads

Get more app installs from better quality leads with our technology. We help you target leads who are already using apps like yours and are most likely to use your apps. 

With higher quality leads come better user retention rates. Worry less about app uninstalls and more about how to better monetize your newly active app users.

Improve app user retention rate

Drive highly engaged visitors to your website

What's better than getting highly engaged visitors to your website? Use our audience profiling technology to find traffic that has a high chance of converting into recurring visitors.

How do we do this?

We leverage mobile data precision,

Mobile is the most precise medium advertisers have ever had to connect with consumers. The accuracy and granularity of data available on mobile is unmatched thanks to mobile IDs, which makes it much easier to combine a variety of different data sources and match them all back to the same user to create a rich and robust audience profile. 

We have more than 180 million unique profiles in our database and know which apps are installed on their mobile phone. Data is collected from over 6 million apps available in Google Play Store™ and Apple App Store®.

and Facebook audience data...

With two billion people using Facebook every month, it is currently the audience targeting leader in the industry and the most popular choice for brands and performance marketers. 

However, when creating Facebook campaigns, it often takes too much time for an advertiser to customise and find the right target audience.

to save you time and money.

By combining the audience targeting precision of mobile data and rich audience insights of Facebook, we help you save at least 3x the time spent on audience campaigns on Facebook by precisely defining target groups that matches your app or product from the very beginning.

With our technology, you can now drastically improve the quality of your app installs, leads, engagement, retention, reach, performance, traffic and ROAS.

What are my targeting options?

Target audiences who are using your app or specific apps

Target lookalike audiences of your app or specific apps

Target audiences who are using your competitors' apps

Target lookalike audiences of your competitors' apps

Who will benefit most?

Get 2x higher CTR, better qualified leads and increased retention rates

Digital Marketing Campaign Managers

Get 2x conversion rate and increased engagement rates for your clients

Digital Marketing Agencies

Get app installs from highly qualified leads with 3x better retention rates

Mobile App Publishers

Use our audience data API to scale your campaign reach on mobile or desktops

Programmatic Advertisers

I have some questions.

Where does your data come from?

We work with several partners and app-developers who are integrating our technology. We ensure that our data is of high quality and always validated against the highest standards.

What about data protection?

As a Swiss company we are required to comply with the European data protection guidelines. These are the strictest guidelines possible, and no personally identifiable information (PII) is collected from the devices.

What happens after I register?

We will contact you directly to understand your goals and create a custom campaign for you to test. It only takes 30 mins and it's free.

How much does it cost?

As we are in Beta, it will be 100% free. 

No credit cards needed.

Do I need an App to use your technology?

No. This is a unique platform where advertisers are able to target users of competitors' apps even if they do not have an app.

Is this just for mobile advertising?

No. A feature of our technology is that you are able to target mobile users for your desktop campaigns and run cross-channel promotions with precision.

We help you find and reach your best target audience on Facebook, Fast.

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